Keynote — Papua New Guinea in a Connected World

Mark Pesce, Futurist
07 Sep 2017

Keynote — Papua New Guinea in a Connected World

Two of the themes of the 2017 Papua New Guinea Investment Conference are innovation and disruption. We are fortunate to have secured the expertise of one of Australia’s top futurists—inventor, entrepreneur, author and innovator Mark Pesce—to talk about the opportunities for PNG business in an increasingly connected world.

Mark Pesce is a leading futurist, author, entrepreneur and innovator at the forefront of the digital revolution for thirty-five years. From virtual reality to education, finance, manufacturing, transportation and communication, Mark gives organisations the tools they need to think effectively about the future, its opportunities, and its disruptions.

He is the co-inventor of VRML, a 3D interface to the World Wide Web. He is the author of six books and, for seven years, was a panellist and judge on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s hit series The New Inventors, celebrating the newest inventions and inventors.

A highly-regarded speaker, Mark’s views on technology and business appear regularly in the print and electronic media. In 2006, he opened the doors of FutureSt, a consultancy dedicated to helping clients identify and benefit from the opportunities of connected business. In 2012, he co-founded MooresCloud, an Internet-of-Things startup.

More recently, Mark has also consulted to the international banking union SWIFT, helping them understand the implications of the now billions of smartphone-wielding people, leading to continuing work with both the World Bank and the G20 through their Global Project for Financial Inclusion.

See Pesce in action: